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September 30, 2010


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If ‘one day of me studying anything makes me an expert’ can make Colbert and expert. Then just think what Ron Johnson is doing in a single campaign week!

As far as Scott Walker is concerned, I think of him as a disease.


If I had to choose, it's clear that Walker could do much more damage as CEO that Johnson as 1 of 100 Senators.

Fortunately, we don't have to choose, and can vote to defeat them both.


If I could only have one lose, I would pick Walker. Johnson will probably be in the Senate with a minimal Dem. majority, so his consistent party line votes will have less impact, for two years anyway. Walker, who I believe to be completely out of his league, will damage WI for years to come. He is a complete fool, and would be fine to destroy our state and turn us into, well, pick the southern state of your choice. A man who can't think his way out of a paper bag.


Also, if Johnson wins, and Herb Kohl retires in 2012, as many believe that he will, Feingold could run for his seat and potentially jump right back into the Senate in what should be a much more favorable year for Democrats.

Aaron Rodriguez

I think it's sort of interesting that Milwaukee is not the fourth poorest city in the nation with a job-creating record of dismal proportions. So the real question is whether we can afford another leader who can't create jobs running the state.

Jake formerly of the LP

Ugh. Either of these slimeballs winning makes my stomach turn. But if one has to, sadly, I'd rather it be RoJo. He'll be held in check in the Senate, and will be exposed as a pathetic rubber-stamp, while Russ would probably have some kind of TV/ speaking gig, and could be even more influential for the nation out of of office than he'd be in the Senate.

On the other hand, Walker would foul up this state so badly it would take several years to come back from his one disastrous term (if he isn't impeached in 2013). Making him live with the garbage he's thrown onto Milwaukee County is a worthy punishment for such a pathetic suck-up.

Sykes and Belling's bawling will be a great thing to hear on Nov. 3, as the state will again tell those bozos that suburban Milwaukee is an island unto itself. They'll be at least sad over 1 statewide race, so why not make it 2?

Aaron Rodriguez

It can't get much worse than 4th poorest in the nation, unless of course, we let "Job-Creating" Mayor Barrett take the reigns.


It can't get much worse than 4th poorest in the nation, unless of course, we let "Job-Creating" Mayor Barrett take the reigns.

Wow, Barrett didn't become "puff the magic job-creator" in the worst economy since the Depression. Brought to you, of course, by the same nimrods who Aaron thinks can now save us. Ship all of the manufacturing jobs to China and watch the prosperity roll in. I don't even blame Walker for no creating jobs, even though he was responsible for the city of Milwaukee as was Barrett. Walker's just incompetent and corrupt. Could the repugs please at least TRY to get candidates that are somewhat attractive, you know, like finishing college or starting their own business and creating jobs, unlike Ron. Jeez, if Ron's father-in-law ran I'd at least be tempted. But the sweetheart son-in-law who had the 'business' given to him, and which dad-in-law didn't think he was capable of running on his own so had the real son in on the deal as well. Well, come on. Could you at least TRY??? Barrett and Feingold are at least educated, as is Neuman. These clowns are a joke.


I work for a state agency and am a liberal. To my mind, anyone, and by that I mean my pet gerbil, could have done a better job of running the state than Doyle. He's not running but my point is, the state didn't implode under Doyle so it will probably survive Walker. I would hate to see Feingold out of the Senate. He is a fine politician and we need him. He has the courage of his convictions and votes his conscience. If nothing else we need him as an example of what politicians can be.

Brian (neaguy)

Which one would hurt the cause of progressivism more? Johnson because Russ is the very embodiment of a progressive. So for example, Russ is one of the all too few Dems who actually gets it on standardized testing. His amendment to fund other accountability measures besides discredited standardized measures is superb.

Barrett used to be a progressive and now some of his education ideas sound more like Bill Gates or someone who endorsed him, Mayor Bloomberg. Both of these individuals should be kept as far as possible from any public classroom as they basically don't know what they are talking about on education. But like Bloomberg, Barrett went all out for mayoral control of MPS, a totally undemocratic idea and one that wouldn't do a thing about addressing the real needs of MPS.
Walker is, however, clueless about how to address any major need facing this state. Were he to be elected it would show us that we don't need a governor because nothing he would do or propose would have any major impact on improving the daily lives of Wisconsites. Things might change for the better but not on Walker's account. His entire philosphy is based on faith, not evidence. So, a Barrett win is important.

But not as important as keeping the superb Russ Feingold in the Senate.

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