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October 13, 2010


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I did read ‘Atlas Shrugged’, albeit, back in High School at the bequest of a very good friend. He interpreted the book as rugged self determination. I interpreted it as the story of greed, power, and plunder. To achieve success in the world of Ayn Rand, one had to burn connections to what is perceived as community, to worship power, greed and plunder. Placing yourself in the seat of economic and political power you strive to create a world of your vision, and damn those who haven’t evolved to your thinking. If you want an example of this ideology go see the musical’ WICKED,’ Ron stars as Glenda..


Can the citizens of Wisconsin demand a United Nations observer to our state elections?
Does voter caging, foreign money, inadequate voter stations and violations to the first amendment need to be addressed?


I think it is disgusting that a work of fiction has more influence than history.

Ty O'Mara

It is not disgusting that a work of fiction has more influence than history. Fiction, great fiction, is not fictitious--it is more intimate, more real, more important than anything you will ever read. Sadly, Ayn Rand wrote books that were not meant for the public. Her novels were her own, Ayn Rand wrote diaries of her fantasies. She was fixated on Wisconsin's favorite son, Frank Lloyd Wright. My great uncle Frank rebuffed her at every instance, even when dining with friends at the Waldorf Astoria. I love you Uncle Frank, I hope you don't mind that I adopted you just a couple years ago. I couldn't help it, I love you.

Professor Orton, don't you think you can defeat Mr. Johnson without making his family and especially his wife feel like sh--. I don't this is the right way to go about it. You have plenty to work with. Isn't Mr Feingold enough for you to work with. He is the man. I'm not kidding Russ Feingold is a real man. Work with that.



Ron Johnson is a work of fiction and that work is still in still in progress. I don’t know his biography, and what little is published is in dispute. With no public service, no opinion on major legislative issue, it’s hard to grasp his ideology. Many of his issue statements have been retracted or restructured; sunspots for global climate change, Chinese communist economy, protecting pedophiles for profit, not allowing public input for his decisions of state, dismantling legal redress for tort cases, registering and requiring permits for firearms..
As far as Feingold’s biography, it’s all public record, and he is available in public forums across the state of Wisconsin.

Ty O'Mara

I should have been more specific. I think what you have just stated and most of what is stated about Mr. Johnson is fair and proper criticism in a political race. To be more specific--I object to the insinuation that Mr. Johnson married his wife for money. I would imagine something of that nature would be quite difficult to prove and therefore should be left out of the political debate. Also, it puts Mrs. Johnson in an unfavorable light and perhaps detracts from the powerful message you and others have presented.


"Married into" doesn't mean RJ married his wife for money. It means that he acquired his ownership interest in his company by virtue of his marriage.

Barry Orton


More specifically, Ron Johnson's credibility for creating a business is a key part of his "qualifications." If the business was actually created by his father-in-law for his brother-in-law (and named for the brother-in-law), and its only customer for years was the father-in-law, and Ron Johnson came on board two years later, that's not creating a business. Ron Johnson was not the entrepreneur, but the Fortunate Son-In-Law.

No disrespect to Jane Curler Johnson intended, insinuated, or even innuendoed. She and Ron were college sweethearts at a fine Big Ten school, the University of Minnesota. Not an issue.

Ty O'Mara

Professor Orton,

I went back through the Ron Johnson's posts so I could prove my point. Unfortunately, for me, I couldn't quite prove it. In addition, I agree that your motivation for bringing this information to the forefront is: to point out that Mr. Johnson was not responsible for creating a business. Also, you called the couple "Sweethearts," in a previous post. I am guilty of reading too much into the earlier posts and having it in my mind when following your subsequents posts. I hope you accept my apology, and believe that I thought-- "we" had crossed a line. I am fit to be shrink-wrapped.

Barry Orton


Apology accepted. Funny tag line.

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