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October 24, 2010


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Davin Pickell


You will make my father a very happy man when he is informed that you are an avid Yankees-hater, too. He and I are Red Sox fans, and also fans of whichever team is playing the Yankees that day.

Thank you, sir, for helping bring him joy even in a less-than-stellar Sox season.

Ex-pat Cheesehead

As a displaced Cheesehead here in Yankeeville (though I grew up a Cubs fan, thank you Ernie Banks for being a classy guy who led me to a life of despair...) the best line I've heard about teh Yankees / Rangers series was:

"Well, it took a few years, but at least A-Rod finally helped the Rangers make it to the World Series."

Davin Pickell

Brilliant, Ex-pat, brilliant!!

I was a Cubs fan for a stint in my youth, having spent a few childhood years living in Chicagoland. My father had instilled in me a Red Sox thing from infancy, so that love still beats strong in my heart.

I do have fond memories, though, of watching Cubs games from the Wrigley bleachers as a high school student, and yelling very loud obscene things at Darryl Strawberry in right field. I can't repeat those obscene things here. ;)

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