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October 18, 2010


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Unfortunately, there is very little accountability for such behavior. Candidates lie, distort, or just plain hide, and they still get people to vote for them. How about we start expecting more from our politicians.

Ron Legro

Obviously, Johnson is skipping out more and more on public events and interviews and debates because his camapaign is playing the political version of football's prevent defense. He thinks he's got a lead, and he's trying to sit on it. Sad thing is, in our current election circus where last minute damage often only influences an outcome when it's sold as a major revelation (e.g., Ed Muskie "crying," Howard Dean "screaming") the silent treatment often works. No other tea party libertarian candidate in the country has been more guarded than Johnson, even taking into account his early gaffes. What you see isn't what you get.


This coming election will be different than any other one (at least for myself). I don't remember another time where so many people are upset about what is going on. It's quite obvious that the economy is the number one topic considering many are out of work, and the so-called stimulus failed. For the incumbents that have been in office over the past few years, the question is now, "what have you been doing that could have changed the outcome"? If they don't have a good answer, then it may not matter on the experience of one running for that office or if they skip an appearance, many want to "clean house" of those that the voters believe didn't do a very good job while they have held said office. The next house cleaning will be the oval office if the status quo continues.


The specter of Ron Johnson looms in the shadows, an opponent of unanswerable mysteries which continue to thwart human investigation to this very day, what lurks behind the genial façade of this ‘successful’ business man?
. Is he Dr. Moriarty?
Why should we care?

Carol Lukas

Where do we find out about Ron Johnson's background, early days, where he was born & raised, what college did he attend, was he in the military service???

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