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October 26, 2010


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I think the WSJ just wants to come to party late so they can make an entrance. I'm guessing they will endorse Feingold. Today they printed an article by Gail Collins of the NYTs titled "For Feingold, principles rule." I can't find a link to it though.

Brian (neaguy)

I don't believe the Green Bay Press Gazette has ever endorsed Russ before.
That was a shocker. I may be wrong about 2004, but I know they endorsed the policy idiot, Mark Neumann in 98.

Barry Orton

The Green Bay endorsement for Russ was their first time ever.


I also think the WSJ has not endorsed yet because either way they lose subscriptions.

Mark F.

The WSJ has endorsed Walker and Chad Lee. I think I'll be more surprised if they endorse Russ than if the endorse Johnson.

Diane H. Fabian

Actually, no, I don't take the WSJ as seriously as The Onion.

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