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October 20, 2010


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Based on the video of Mr. Johnson's interveiw with the MJS Editorial Board I am guessing they will have to endorse Feingold. Especially entertaining is Mr. Johnson's answer to the stimulus question.


If the State Journal follows on their current endorsement path as a spokesman for the GOP in endorsing Walker and Van Hollen, two ill-qualified candidates, it wouldn't surprise me to see them do the same with Ron Johnson, yet another lightweight unwilling to "man up" and debate Feingold and speak to the press regularly.


I have been trying to understand the wonder of Ron Johnson. Sitting at Edgewood College some friends offered the following 1.)‘Being There’ the Peter Sellers movie, 2) A conspiracy of elites to establish a template and find the cost of replacing political figures with mindless puppets, 3) ( From a former priest) America is a Christian nation, and wants and believes in miracles and mythology, America is looking for a magic cap.

Ron Johnson, the GOP mythological champion, has been challenged to bring back the head of an economy that threatens to destroy the middle class. Of course the GOP has given him special equipment; a sharpened sickle to cut taxes, a cap that makes him invisible to media criticism, a pair of winged sandals to speed him on his way, and a polished bronze shield, to view the economy indirectly, because as we have seen, to face and attack the economy has turned many warriors to stone. What Perseus had, and Ron Johnson did not is a plan.

Dave Z

It's time to boycot the Wisconsin State Journal. They endorsed Bush twice. They've endorsed Walker. Enough is enough.


Today the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorsed Feingold.

Brian (neaguy)

I was really surprised to see this. Being from Green Bay I have read several decades worth of really stupid endorsements from the illogical editorial writers on that staff. The P-G breaks with that tradition of idiocy and finally writes a decent endorsement.

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