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« Wisconsin AD-77: Hulsey Stumbles In Stretch; Manski Gaining As Spencer Black Decries Hulsey's "Problem With Trustworthiness" | Main | Why The Democrats Lost. The Definitive Words »

November 01, 2010


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Andy Olsen

Brett Hulsey has served the public for years, and has been an effective champion. When he and I served on the County Board he worked with Lyman Anderson and other County Board conservatives frequently.

And, Ben Manski worked with Republicans? Really? When was that? Besides the 2000 election, I mean. When he ran Ralph Nader's campaign and attacked Al Gore, you know? Ben Manski will keep attacking Dems, whether he is elected or not. Bad plan, Paul.

For example, Ben Manski recently attacked Tom Barrett, calling him the "lesser of two evils." Ben righteously denied saying that, but the tape was rolling.

Ben has run a negative campaign and basically ignored the district and real issues affecting real people. Ben would represent Ben, and that's it.

Vote for Brett!

Justin Woodstock True

A few days ago I was bitterly denouncing you (and a lot of other people) to my mother for not stepping in and condemning Hulsey for being the standard bearer of the careerist hack scumbag element in Dane County politics. Mom stuck up for you. She said you were a good man and that when the deal went down you'd be on the right side of this. Quote from mom: "Paul Soglin came to our house when he was doing doors running for city council in 1970. We ended up talking about Carlos Castaneda instead of politics. Any politician who will do that is always o.k. with me."

Great Thanks for your support, sir. I officially owe you one. Depend upon it.

Justin Woodstock True

In his pathological lust for career advancement,Brett Hulsey played Spencer Black, one of the most respected legislators in the history of our state, for a STOOGE. I don't care if Ben Manski campaigned for Idi Amin, at least he isn't a phony liberal hack.

If Ben hates Dems, why have so many endorsed him? You have no answer for that. All you have is the same tripe that you, Clear and that nutjob slander artist Ed Blume keep blabbering over and over, totally oblivious to the fact that you are doing nothing but discredit your candidate even more. If that is even possible.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow, a lot of people are on to your whole rotten crowd, Olsen. You people stand for nothing but getting elected. You have decided that you are entitled to run this town, county and state and the rest of us better keep our heads down and shut up because YOU know what's best for us. Screw that and screw you and all your lying empty suit buddies. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, I will never stop fighting you. Luckily for you, Manski doesn't hold a grudge like I do.

Wayne Bigelow

Manski will work with others effectively? C'mon Paul. Mayors and City Councils - including you and I - have had to deal with sanctimonious leftwingers like Manski for decades. This guy will work with Democrats? He's the guy who called Tom Barrett a "lesser evil". Manski's the guy who declared that (Mayor) Dave and Kathleen (Falk) aren't progressive Democrats. Say what and by who? What was in Manski's koolaid that day? He's the guy who said that the President was “out of control" and that “Barack was all bark and no bite” on his blog in Isthmus. And now Manski is saying that he supports Obama. I guess backpedaling -- or perhaps simply lying -- are par for the course when a candidate with a "pathological lust" for office like Manski is involved. You know that Manski won't work with anyone Paul. He's part of the purity over pragmatism crowd which Madison's extreme left is rife with.

For over a decade Brett Hulsey has worked well with scores of people on the County Board. He's achieved a lot. He's campaigned for a lot of progressive candidates -- the non-sanctimonious kind. And frankly, he's done a lot more in the last 10 years to EFFECTIVELY promote a progressive agenda in Dane County than most of us. Most especially a political purist like Ben Manski. He'll be a helluva legislator.

Wayne Bigelow, Chair, Dane County Democratic Party

Justin Woodstock True

Your candidate destroyed his credibility. You all have no one but the candidate himself to blame. Brett Hulsey practically FORCED Mr. Soglin to endorse Ben.

Spence said "DO NOT USE THE QUOTE". There wasn't anything ambiguous about what he said in his e-mails to Hulsey. Hulsey used the quote anyway. Your crowd has no answer for this. You got NOTHING.

PRAGMATIST= SELLOUT. Evidently, you people will go to your graves and never get that.

Paul Soglin

Andy and Wayne: I have had to suffer the politics of political purists as much as anyone. After all the Greens and the ideologically rigid did no favors for me in the 2003 election for mayor when they failed to grasp that their inclusionary zoning was doomed to a costly failure (and cast me in the light of being a tool of the real estate industry).

Two observations: there is a difference in being a wheeler-dealer and working well with others. I do not want a wheeler-dealer representing me in my district.

Secondly, just as others have 'purity tests' to support a candidate, so do I. Mine include being a Democrat, showing political judgment in the past that is aligned with mine, being trustworthy and an ability to articulate my values.
In this particular election trust and values go to the top of the list.

At the best, and I am being generous, there were too many 'honest mistakes' in the Hulsey campaign. A leader with that many mistakes does not represent me.

Andy Olsen

Justin Woodstock True (is that a real name?) you don't know me. But hey, you speak a lot in ignorance.

You lie when you say I have ever told anyone to shut up. I have not. You sound like Sarah Palin, so please get a clue: Criticizing a politician is not the same thing as depriving them of freedom of speech.

You seem to want to shrilly shout me down, insult me, lie about me, in order to silence me. Ain't gonna work.

I suspect there are many reasons why the Dems who have endorsed Ben have. I let them speak for themselves, unlike you.

Andy Olsen

Paul, you never did answer the question of what Republicans Ben Manski has worked well with.

Justin Woodstock True

I'm sure you've never verbally told a constituent to shut up. At least I hope not. At any rate, that is the M.O. of your ilk. YOU THINK YOU KNOW BETTER AND THAT YOU ARE ENTITLED TO LEAD AND SPEAK FOR US. I trust you are not a stupid man. Therefore, you are cognizant of the implication contained in my post. I stand behind it totally.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, other people on your team are now questioning the character and judgment of Spencer Black as a result of these revelations. That is simply warped. There's no other word for it. To my knowledge, you have not made this assertion. That said, these are the type of people in your camp. To criticize one of the most respected legislators in the history of the state of Wisconsin is utterly and completely outrageous.

Q: In what way am I not letting Dem endorsers of Manski "speak for themselves"? You lost me there, Bubba.

There are plenty of people who are to my right politically who don't think Falk and Barrett are very progressive. I'm sure a lot of them, like me, like Ben Manski, woke up this morning and voted for Barrett anyway because it was the right vote for this particular race at this particular time.

You and Clear and all the rest of your cabal of phony progressives have been coming with the same junk since the day Ben got into the race. If your tactics were doing anything but damage to Hulsey, we wouldn't be posting on this board right now. Congrats on being an integral part of one of the most viciously cynical and fundamentally dishonest political campaigns in at least the recent history of Wisconsin.

Ben Manski just got the endorsement of Paul Soglin, one of the staunchest Democratic Party politicians in Dane County. Wake up, Olsen. The empirical evidence is not conforming to your twisted version of reality. Cut your losses and pray that Hulsey still lucks out and wins this thing. It is all you have left.

And yes, that is my real name.

Justin Woodstock True


Why did Hulsey not have the unambiguously enthusiastic endorsement of any and every Democratic politician after September 14th FOR THE ASKING AND IN HIS BACK POCKET? There shouldn't be anything to give a Dem politician pause to do anything but, especially in a (supposedly) totally safe Demo district like the 77th?

You don't want to talk about that, do you Andy?

Michael Kienitz

Hulsey is despicable , he harassed elderly people who had lawn signs for other candidates in the primary, he has campaigned at funerals, he uses his bike as a prop...driving to concerts on the square and then removing his bike from the back of his van and riding 1/2 block...Mark Clear his treasurer for the campaign is also a poser and dishonest politician.

Brian (neaguy)

As an educator it would be nice to see Manski win. He gets it as most Dems do not; they play into the Republican frame all too often.

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