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November 03, 2010


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Davin Pickell

This election's yin is next election's yang.

It's a wee bit frightening how many rich white male voters were stirred into action by a smart and articulate African-American president with an allegedly socialist agenda.

Allegedly socialistic legislation like national health care is only scary if your station in life allowed you to both break the cookie in 'half' ("no, really that's only looks bigger to you") and also choose which 'half' to give to your brother, who, due to unfortunate circumstances beyond his control, was raised at a different station ("You don't half may be ever so slightly bigger, but I'll use this 'half' cookie to help you. It's called trickle-down-cookienomics")


For the billionaire who has everything Nieman Marcus presents The Senate Safari.
Starting at 15m dollars, a whirlwind campaign will be started in your name including buses of unemployed elderly……

In massive self delusion, the people of Wisconsin, and the nation, have selected the Republican ideology of privilege and wealth. The nation has decided to trust in an economical system that has been proven to be artificial. "By now the [commercial] revolution has deprived the mass of consumers of any independent access to the staples of life: clothing, shelter, food, even water," Wendell Berry wrote in "The Unsettling of America." "Air remains the only necessity that the average user can still get for himself, and the revolution had imposed a heavy tax on that by way of pollution. Commercial conquest is far more thorough and final than military defeat."
No amount of government slashing of jobs, or taxing of the poor will restore the economic engine that is needed to channel wealth from the upper 5% of this global society to the needy 95%. We will find that without access to money (capital) no relief of foreclosure, bankruptcy, or unemployment is possible. Money has become a fungible commodity, hardly the purpose it was intended.

Brian (neaguy)

Is there a study on that large section of the electorate that doesn't know what the heck is going on? First, they voted for Obama, wanting change but knowing nothing about what Obama's pro business agenda entailed. Then when they saw that things didn't seem to be working out they went back to the idiots who mucked everything up in the first place, and will do so again.
There are tens of millions of these casual voters, uninformed citizens who when they show up individually, but what a collectively powerful force, and all vote mindlessly on the same day the rest of us, who do know what is going on and are trying to correct the problems, have to suffer for their lack of adequate citizenship.

The really weird thing is when you vote in the primary and then come the general election all these people show up. I wonder where the heck where you before? And I wonder why you don't sign petitions, attend meetings, organize rallies, lobby your legislator, and all the other things that are a necessary part of citizenship.

There really is a kind of symbiotic relationship between big money, as expressed in electronic pollution known as the tv political ad, and big ignorance, known as the independent voter.

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