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December 22, 2010


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Glad to have you in the race, Paul.


Just moved the family to Middleton. I'm really bummed, you would have my vote.


Make sure you actually get some transportation experts (maybe even some engineers) in your group to work on the "Madison Plan" for land use and transportation. Good luck.

Kathy Kerst

You've said it best in your statement that being mayor was the best job you ever loved. It's delightful you are running again. Madison is privileged to have someone with your spirit and background. I lived in Madison from 1979 until just reecently. Although I can't vote for you, I'll strongly encourage my sons to back you!


Paul, with you in the race it will be an exciting campaign, filled with new ideas and new challenges. It is right, the time is right for you to apply the lessons you have learned in and out of office to help Madison move in the right direction. Madison is somehow a more exciting place when you are Da Mare.

Ty O'Mara

Congratulations, Madison, Wisconsin.

teresa sumnicht

You go Mayor Soglin!


"We had a triple A bond rating recognizing our strong fiscal management. We balanced budgets."

This is what I'll be looking for. IMO, everything else flows from this. If I believe you'll do it again, you'll have my vote.

Stephen Prestegard, Sr.

Hey, Paul, I no longer live in Madison partly because of the crazy left-wing politics that have evolved over the last 20 or so years, but I truly believe that you have got to be a considerable improvement over that idiot that is currently parading around as Mayor. After spending 25+ years in the real world, you most certainly would have picked up some common sense. Good luck.

Dan Sebald

And no Strassburg's Mad City to document the race:

Well, good luck Paul, and others. Make sure the primary is about educating the public, and maybe it will get Wisconsin politics back on the rails (ahem).

Greg Niva

Glad that you're running Paul. The only political argument I ever had with one of my relatives ended when I said: "He's the best damn mayor this city's ever had!" That discussion occurred more than 20 years ago. Welcome back.


Paul --

You spent a lot of words in this post talking about positive things that occurred during your previous mayorship, but you haven't really said anything about what you'd specifically have done differently than Mayor Dave (other than the implicit dig that Dave hasn't been sufficiently deferential to the city council and you would be).

Lord knows Dave has had his problems and I'm certainly willing to be persuaded that you'll be a better Mayor than Dave -- but in order to be so persuaded, I'll need you to go beyond this kind of superficial fluff and tell me:

a. What you're going to do
b. How you're going to do it
c. Why you're going to do it that way
d. Why you believe doing it that way will be more beneficial than your opponent's alternative

Furthermore, I'm also somewhat troubled by what seems to be a vague undercurrent in this piece of pandering to the right (taxes too high, the importance of balancing budgets, etc.) in a way that threatens to reinforce harmful conservative memes about government rather than to aggressively take them on.

I think a competitive race on the Left for Mayor is potentially good for Madison, and you might very well have better policy approaches -- but as a self-proclaimed 'nuts and bolts' man, please get down to brass tacks and give us something more than shallow rhetoric.

The people of Madison are smart enough to deserve more than condescending sloganeering.

Sharon Kane

I am thrilled you are running for mayor again. Maybe I am feeling nostalgic, but I have always considered you to be the best mayor Madison ever had. This will be an interesting and, hopefully, an informative election. Good Luck!


Express yourself Madison. Put the love to the test.

This is bigger than snow removal. This is about defining us. Shall we become angry, fearful, old men, clutching copies of ‘Atlas Shrugged’, convinced that the golden age has passed? Shall we restrict our society to the demands of two percent moneyed elite? Or, will we return to expand those decencies defined by a new humanism. We need heroic candidates that can recognize the rapacious global problems that face our species.


We can hope to inspire.

More than any time in recent history, America's destiny is not of our own choosing. We did not seek nor did we provoke an assault on our freedom and our way of life. We did not expect nor did we invite a confrontation with evil. Yet the true measure of a people's strength is how they rise to master that moment when it does arive...The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels, but every time we think we have measured our capacity to meet a challenge, we look up and we're reminded that that capacity may well be limitless. This is a time for American heroes. We will do what is hard. We will achieve what is great. This is a time for American heroes and we reach for the stars...

-Aaron Sorkin, West Wing (20 Hours in America: I & II; aired September 25, 2002)


Obsequy for The Silent City

Can Madison politics liquefy into tranquility while the volcano of progressive action still erupts and progressive magma flows in its’ citizens veins?
Have we become the gullible, obeisance to authority, believing that group normalcy, the achieving of ordinaries is a goal. That our safety requires us to melt into that vast vat of Ordinaries?
‘Ditto heads’, our country, our state bred in this climate of authority, climate of “Right”, focusing on the delivery of rhetoric, rather than the message politic.
I choose not to follow the subordinate function, like Dan, I hunger for accountability

I have been out of contact for a time and upon my return I find our politics to be lazy. I'm just trying to kindle some flame.


I won't live in a city with a mayor who says that bicyclists should be "taken out and shot" under any circumstances, but if you make a public apology for saying that I might consider voting for you.

I mean a real apology, not an "I'm sorry people were offended." kind of apology or an attempt to explain and justify your remarks.

I'm reminded of what you said every time I ride a bicycle or drive by someone riding a bicycle in the winter, and I've also been told "You should be shot like Soglin says!" by an angry motorist.


To "Dan" (posted above) who said he needed more "nuts and bolts" of how Soglin was going to do it, I have to say, "Didn't you read his campaign statement"? That is the most comprehensive plan I've ever read from any candidate any where! What more do you want?

And as for "pandering to the right" with cutting spending and a balanced budget, I've always wondered why no one does this once they're elected. Now I know -- People like you get elected and honestly don't believe in it! So we get sky-high taxes and bad bond ratings - who cares, right? We'll go bankrupt along with the federal government. Is that how it works? NO THANK YOU!

I'll gladly vote for Paul Soglin. He makes sense, has experience, and has a plan to act. And he listens to people.

In fact, Paul, maybe you should run for Congress. I think we could use you there.

James j McLary

Paul, I hope you can bring back to Madison the good old days when we were #1 in transportation. I was honored to work with you in the early 70's to make Madison the winner of the then UMTA administrators award for the best medium size transit system in the country. With the current DOT emphasis on livable, green communities Madison has got to score some grants for improving an already great City. I loved my tenure in Madison (1970-1978) and wish you the best. I will be sending you a campaign donation and will support any way I can.
James j McLary

Ray Raymond

Mayor Dave or Mayor Soglin- Their basic mentality is all
the same. They are both gradates of Imhoff's School of management and Imhoff was a civil engineer and designed

septic tanks and the biggest chunks always
flow to the top.

Soglin is still a liberal and would like to spend other
peoples money. Except now there isn't any left because
the Teachers Union Thugs and Union City Workers got it all. And the State isn't picking the bill up anymore.

Is he going to reduce crime and deport Madison's share
of the 100,000 illegal aliens in the State. No he will
just keep ducking his head on this issue.

Maybe he is less worse than Mayor Dave

Grow up City Workers and Teachers you had a free ride
on taxpayers money for a half century and more reductions
are going to come or its layoff time for you.

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