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December 16, 2010


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Ed S

You are so right... if you want it, it should be provided to you free, right? If someone doesnt spend the money to give you what you want for free, that is just plain wrong and mean. Buncha greedy meanies.


They gotta pay for those six figure bonuses the coaching staff are getting somehow, right?


100 million households get ESPN, compared to 116 million that only get ABC. Being "relegated" to cable doesn't mean what it used to mean.

Brian (neaguy)

Another victim of the profit motive.

B. Dread

uuuuh...Just curious...Does Paul Soglin still have anything to do with this web sites that features his name? Really, just curious, not really complaining.


Won't some of the local stations purchase the feed from ESPN like they do for the Monday night games when the Packers are on? And, uh, B. Dread, I was wondering the same thing.

Ty O'Mara

Hey Professor Orton,

I'm seeing big headlines about the FCC adopting rules to accept network neutrality. It sounds good to me, but I'm not sure how to interpret all this stuff. I need you to tell me what is going on. I don't always grasp everything you say about these issues, but I certainly try and I figure when I do finally get caught up on these important issues, I'll be prepared. Finally, I'll be prepared. I learn so much from this blog. I know its Christmas, and Hanukkah, too. Happy all holidays to all of the Waxing America bloggers, but, Dude, we need guidance over here. Love you both.

Rose Bowl Tickets

Every college football fan who has a real love for the sport should consider following Rose bowl game, whether he supports TCU or Wisconsin or neither, he is to support the game. I'm a crazy fan and am all hope that the plan goes as I wished and arranged for it.

George Hesselberg

Neither the original story nor the blog piece uses the word "relegate."

TCU Examiner

Kris, the problem with your math is still that over half the number of given households still don't get ESPN. Imagine the outrage if the Super Bowl is ever moved to a cable network.


screw espn


Is this supposed to be a sentence of English?
" It's much the same concept as access to certain football and basketball tickets requiring an additional donation."
What an idiot.

Larry Fulton

What is your "cynical" comment supposed to mean? Make yourself clear.

I would have thought the University would want to see to it that any Wisconsin citizen who wanted to could see the Rose Bowl, not just those who are willing and able to pay for cable or satellite and not just those who are such avid fans that they are willing to pay more than we already pay in taxes to support the University, to see its teams play in a big game. I thought it was the University of Wisconsin.


@Larry, I agree with you 100%...We as Wisconsinites, by Badger gear, support the Badgers and we cannot even WATCH them play in the Rose Bowl. Who is the idiot that decided you have to have a "premium channel" to watch the ROSE BOWL that we are in? And we pay PLENTY to the University of Wisconsin!!!


I remember when cable first became popular, with the idea you could watch without commercials and more complete coverage. Now they've got you paying even more money to watch the same if not more commercials. I believe the loss of broadcast TV and radio is inevitable, not because advertising cannot fund them, but because more money can be made by charging for ads on one side and charging the viewers on the other. I'm not really a fan of what's generally on cable, so it seems like a big waste to pay for it just to watch a couple bowl games that used to be on broadcast TV. What a shame.

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