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January 31, 2011


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Bill Patterson

I am in favor of a bike sharing program and think that a more formalized system like Trek proposes will be much more successful than somethin like the "red bikes" program.

However, I am concerned about the process followed and possibly the costs. Do other Cities pay a comparable amount per year to get a system like this up and running? Do they charge any fees to the group doing the leasing?

I don't mean to be critical of Trek. Each year they rent all of Monona Terrace for a week in the middle of August and their foundation donated over 1 million dollars to help create the new Boys and Girls Club in Allied Drive.

Lastly, I expect that the locations of the bike stands will mainly be highly visible parts of downtown Madison, which will make DMI folks happy and not in areas of like South Madison or Allied Drive. These areas could be well served by bikes because I see so many young people walking, but perhaps they will not be able to afford the rates.


I guess "pointed questions" and "loaded questions" are now the same thing. Brenda's biases in both the mayoral race and the dane county exec race are unfortunate, because her website had such potential. She often has valid points, such as in this case of the bike sharing program, but she can't seem to get beyond her anger and do - uhm - "fair and balanced" reporting.


Walking is the hallmark of a world class city. For no investment at all, talented professionals can stop at food carts, drink delectable beverages, stop at benches and peruse their e-mail or contact business associates. One can stop and talk in groups without a piece of alloy bar jammed up one’s ass. Stress caused by traffic is eased. Embarrassment caused by pads, helmets and body ‘packages’ can be eliminated. Since bicycle and walking do not chose to account for Ben Franklin’s 'time is money' proposal, walking is by far the more economical….
Bicycling is a solitary anti-social activity, despite so-called clubs that socialize at the conclusion of the bicycle run.

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