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January 21, 2011


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I think to expedite my comments, I would focus on the two candidates that will be on the ballot, Mayors Soglin and Cieslewicz.
John Nichols had to deal with a cadre that was remarkably unprepared, but in the words of Donald Rumsfeld you have to go with the soldiers you’ve got.
The entire evening reduced to one question. State government, and the University of Wisconsin is the engine that drives this city. With the office of the governor declaring cutbacks on education and government support, and cuts of over 15% expected in the University of Wisconsin budget, possibly more in the state government, what process should the City of Madison adopt to counter this declared loss of jobs and revenue?
Neither candidate responded to this somewhat obvious pit-fall, although P. Soglin recognized the need to address, D. Cieslewicz preferred to obfuscate with meaningless rhetoric. Both candidates were more comfortable expressing what grand fellows they are, and who could / would work better in this group of movers and shakers present. Social issues were ignored at this debate. I hope that the next debate will raise the question of the job elimination at the government level and some, some, address of the glaring social problems we have in Madison.

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