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January 14, 2011


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I have little doubt that because of Illinois' recent tax decisions, many companies will be thinking favorably about locating/remaining there. The quality of life there will likely have improved immeasurably. Contrast that with the deterioration of life in Wisconsin after the slash and burn campaign of governor choo-choo and his legislators.


Then why did he just give them our train and money? I really detest this man. He leaves a feeling of doom over Wisconsin.

Ex-Alderman Steve

The thing that really galls me is Walker's and his party's embrace of zombie ideas, notions that in a reality-based world would be discredited by the economic catastrophe of the eight year reign of The-Lesser-Bush. These guys just keep banging the tax-cut/deregulation drum, expecting that it will work this time.

Ty O'Mara

Walker and Daniels, brilliant men, announce their intentions to steal businesses from Illinois. Apparently, they've been given some assurances from the State of Illinois that Illinois will not offer new businesses incentives to come to the land of Lincoln. Apparently, they are confident that the four year term of this tax, here in Lincolnland, will become permanent. I'm sure they've had studies done to assess just how many businesses can afford to relocate right now in the middle of this Great Recession.

Don't get me wrong, I'm suddenly disappointed in Obama, "The Great Compromiser." Walker's career in Government is effectively over. The Tea party voted against themselves. And, this tax hike in Illinois is not progressive, its just confirmation of how poorly run the state is.

Walker&Daniels, sounds like a good name for a wine cooler if you ask me.

Brian (neaguy)

Here's how repressed this taxes jobs argument is: we can't even aspire to good paying jobs, jobs that serve human needs to be valued.

These guys just want any job as their standard. It could be a job that pays so little you can't afford the lowest rent. It could be a job that is miserable. It could be a job that literally no one wants to do. Doesn't matter as long as it's a job. There are social consequences to governors and legislators who want to run a society based on this ethic.
You read about them in the crime section of the local newspaper; they lead the six and ten o'clock "news" (really profit generators) programs.

That's how low we are as a people, now.

Dr. King had an answer for this in Where Do We Go From Here?

Right now if every job in America that is open was filled there would still be 11.7 milion Americans unemployed. So all these governors just coveting they neighbor's jobs isn't going to work to bring about an economy that works for all, or even most of their citizens. It also shows a lack of imagination: can't they figure out a way to generate more good job creation without having to steal jobs from other states? Are they that dumb? And is the media in their state that complicit that they can't even point out this obvious intellectual and moral deficit?

Dr. King's answer was for the government to create socially useful jobs. We ignore his towerin intellect, and the most important part of his dream at our peril


I have some questions. Isn't Illinois' economy much bigger than Wisconsin's? Doesn't that have an effect on where businesses locate? Don't they locate where other businesses that they depend on are? If those businesses are big, aren't they more likely to either stay or move to China than move a few miles north? I'm not in business but it doesn't seem logical that any business would move to Wisconsin from Illinois.


67% is a 2% personal income rate increase and that is a temporary fix to the state debt. It will reduce in 4 yrs back to current rates.
At least one state has the sense to increase revenue to not keep passing the buck on it's debt.

67% is not a realistic number- it's a scare tactic, a 2% increase on a $700 weekly paycheck is $14.00
That will put a serious dent in IL's $30 Billion debt hole.
Maybe the banks will like that kind of investment protection. Lower the debt...get the loans?
This may be a very smart move on IL part, in the long run.

Walker can't see any further than his next Twitter tweet...seems that's all he does every day.


How business will view Wisconsin
Despite the commitment to ‘jobs’, no matter how sincere, a program must exist that combines government revenues and private sector participation. This means a tax base. Education, housing, transportation, child care, health care, and family enhancement plus other basic infrastructure must be in place, properly funded and coordinated. If Wisconsin is to poor to make a commitment to any of these state functions, then Wisconsin will find, that, like the train partnership, Wisconsin is unwilling to support healthy business development.

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