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February 02, 2011


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Noel Radomski

Paul: How many staff does the current mayor employ? How does that compare to the number that were employed at the inauguration of his first term? The reason for my ask is I hope that the operative word in your goal is "minimum." Be bold and reverse the empire-building actions by the current mayor.


Noel Radomski

Irwin Fletcher

If snow removal was done so well why do you need to add more staff? Reduce the mayors office and put the $130K into tax reduction. Oh wait I forgot you dont believe in reducing taxes.

Mark Clear

Seriously, Paul, we're going here again? The big difference, and the only difference between this storm and Dec. 8-9, 2009 is the weather conditions. We have the same amount of equipment and the same dedicated personnel as we did then. But then, we had heavy wet snow followed immediately by plummeting temperatures--the worst possible situation. This time we had two doses of dry lightweight snow with a twelve-hour break in between and then slowly falling temperatures, pretty much ideal conditions if you're going to have snowfalls of this magnitude. That's what made the difference, not any "shackles" you seem to imagine.

Bill Richards

I'm With Irwin! 130k divided by us 235,000 residents. We would each save 55 cents off our tax bill! Surely we would see more utility from that than from additional snow removal staff.


A couple of thoughts: How much difference did it the reduced traffic make for the snow removal efforts? (i.e. no city, no county, few state workers, etc. on the roads?) And why doesn't city ask residents to hold back trash on heavy storm/blizzard days so that a) streets will be easier to plow and b) garbage trucks can be used as plows? Or, if the budget is that bad, why doesn't the city go to a every-other-week collection schedule in the winter regardless of snowfall? Trash one week, recycling the other.


1 Mayoral aide is paid $130,000?!?!?!? What?!?!? How many do we have now?

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