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February 13, 2011


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Please join your neighbors, family and friends in defending Wisconsin's way of life. See the South Central Federation of Labor website for union actions:

Leave the Memorial Union at 11:30 and walk to the capital for a rally in the rotunda

Start at the Masonic Temple at 10, walk to the square at 11

Starte at the Masonic Temple at 10, walk to the square at 11

Thanks for your support


First we must interview these corporate vampires that have taken over the leading posts of government. What are the goals of this massive blood sucking con game we call an economy?
In massive self delusion the people of Wisconsin and the nation have selected the Republican ideology of privilege and wealth. The state and the nation are participating in an economic system that has been defined by the economic authors as artificial.
I believe that P. Soglin realizes that no amount of job slashing or taxing of the poor will restore the economic engine that will channel wealth from the upper 2-5% of the global elite to those struggling with foreclosures, bankruptcy and unemployment.

Nathan Rothschild said (1777-1836): "I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply."

An idea of a City of Madison Investment Bank, with stock sold to citizen investors, perhaps realized with a city tax directed toward its launching?
A Mondragon cooperative style of state and private resources.

Katrina, I was at the governors this Sunday. I Hope to be on the square. This is a very important thing, that is to get people, people and more people to show a solidarity.


Sorry for the double post. (It ain't easy being Basque)
Here is what I meant to offer:


A nice turnout today at the Capital (Monday). Tomorrow and Wednesday will be bigger but also not as safe. They are bussing in counter protesters.

Scott E

Viva la counter protesters!!


Sorry, antpoppa, but you have it all wrong, i.e, the "Republican ideology of privilege and wealth". Republicans and Conservative Americans believe in Capitalism and the free market. Isn't it the "American Dream" to get an education and become the best and most successful person you can be? That is also the Republican's dream. Pick yourself up by your own bootstraps (don't wait for the Democrat's government to bail you out - with tax payers money), and make whatever future for yourself you can.

People (some, anyway) work hard and long for what they have. They don't want the government taking it away from them to give to someone who hasn't lifted a finger to help himself. Too many Americans are on unemployment right now because they get more money from the govenment to not work than they would taking by a menial (perhaps) job that only pays minimum wage. Where is their self respect? Where is their honor and dignity? What sort of role model are they portraying to their children?

Here's something to ponder: Lets say you were a Dean's List student in college with a 4.0 GPA. Your roommate barely got a 1.0 because he/she didn't study, wrote poor term papers, partied all weekend and/or drank himself into oblivion. But in the name of "fairness" you are told you have to give up some of your GPA to your roommate... so now you both end the year with a 2.5 GPA. How do you feel about that. You busted your buns for those grades and your roomie sailed through the year with a continual "Buzz" on, yet you both got a 2.5 at the end of the year. Bad for you, but great for him. Think about it--- you want the rich to support the poor and bail them out. Is that really fair? Is that just? The wealthy and successful will learn the lesson to not work so hard in the future, and the poor have only learned they still don't have to do a thing and they still get a nice handout.

No one said life is fair. Get over it.

german townkid

Hey Soggy Brain, dont count your eggs before they hatch. Madison Metro also receives money from the State of Wisconsin. Walker may not be able to fire or withdraw collective bargaining for them, but he can withdraw funding for these bus systems. There aint nuthin' the feds can do about that.

Either way, Walker comes out on top. If Da unions dont give back a lot, he'll just lay off more state employees. Recall that's the ploy Doyle used. Or he can start de-centralizing government like sending Madison jobs to fill the Waukesha State Office Bldg.

Walker is doing what Wisconsin elected him to do.



Paul You still FAILED to outline a feasible strategy for sustaining the unsustainable. Those things will not balance the budget. We have private sector wages comparble to Alabama and a New York style government to support. We just can't do it anymore. The money is just not there and the problem is approaching critical mass.


My roommate was not George Bush, Scott Walker or Ron Johnson. Are you trying to suggest an argument of merit?

Ex-Alderman Steve

I've worked in the private sector my entire adult life, and I will attend the rally this Wednesday in solidarity with Wisconsin's public employees.

And no loud-mouthed right-wing bully boys (emphasis on the "boy") are going to stop me...

Ex-Alderman Steve

Another thing three decades in the private sector (much of it in manufacturing) has taught me: one cannot cut their way to prosperity. It requires investment. Think Eisenhower's program of building a national highway system. Think federally funded R&D (which brought us satellites, computers, and the Internet.) Think of the GI Bill, which sent millions of people to college in the years after WWII.

It would be nice if the American Right put down their Ayn Rand novels for a bit and learned a thing or two about how the real world works.

Ex-Alderman Steve

One other thing those decades in the private sector has taught me: wealth doesn't equal virtue. Just take a look at the Koch Brothers (or the current generation of Bushes), whose wealth is based on coming from the right womb.


I like your attitude regarding public workers. Too bad the Governor can't see beyond his own rhetoric. The problem with people like Scott Walker is that they start to believe their own BS after awhile and can't distinguish reality from fiction.

I agree that federal regulations could trump almost anything that the Legislature and Governor put into law. I don't think Scott thought of that one in his "carefully planned" proposal.


Intersting arguments...just like the Eastern Airline Union Employees who refused to believe the company was going bankrupt. I'll never forget their faces as they all lined up for the unemployment lines refusing to understand that demanding money from a company or government that doesn't have the money...well, it just doesn't get you money. Nor keep you employed. Wisconsin is doomed to be the next Michigan or California because reality is being denied. It has nothing to do with party lines, private vs. public sector, or any other BS. There is no more money, folks!!! Plain and simple, the bargaining contracts of the 80's and 90's have led to financial disaster. Time to accept the truth and reality of our situation. Wages and salaries can still be "bargained", but, the days of increasing benefits and holidays which are not financially feasible have come to an end. I find Soglin quite disengenious and working the weak of mind crowd. No one is demonizing "their neighbors"; no one is suggesting trumping Fed regs., and, frankly, after 50 years of collective bargaining, the quality of public service (an oxymoran, for sure)has no where to go but up as it's hit rock bottom. Who do you think you are fooling, Mr. Soglin?!? Almost laughable, until one reads the comments and realizes how many uninformed are ready to jump off the cliff with you.

Jodi m.

I would like to see you re-phrase your last sentence. It is certainly NOT the RICH who support the POOR. It is the MIDDLE CLASS who get socked from both ends.

vicki kephart

govenor. you are so right. i suggest that all teachers should report to work monday as their contracts state. thats what they were hired for . or their jobs are terminated immediately. they wre not hired to make more money. they were hired to teach. i do not believe protesting is part of that especially when some of the students do not even know what they are potesting for. YOU SHOULD FIRE THOSE LACKING WORK ETHICS. have the national gaurd teach in the schools until the teachers are replaced.

Pat Perkins

I wonder if the govenor is willing to slash his own benefits,which are more than fair also ,why do we give such liberal benefits to our elected officials such as health care and pensions for life.It is time they have to give something up also .Perhaps this govenor would agree only getting the same benefits, as he is wanting the Wisconsin public workers to recieve .I don't understand if its a matter of union employees getting benifits that the state can't afford why not re negotiate the terms ?It is about union busting clear and simple .Bet those folks who voted for him,those who are public workers wish now they had not voted for him .He seems so proud to say I am only doing what I was elected to do .He said he would balance the budget ,he sure did not tell folks up front he would do take away their right to organize.He sure did not tell them how he would do it.Those who are siding with the govenor are all anti union.The lady who wants the teachers to report for work as the contract states,I agree a contract is a contract, why is it she does not feel that the govenor has to live up to the same contract apparently they should live up to it and he does not have to .There is a way to negotiate a contract and he is not doing it .He does not want a contract.He wants to take away barganing rights don't even say that its the teachers who aren't living up to their contracts,and why only specify teachers lots of firemen and other union workers and many non union workers who support these hard working folks.

Pat Perkins

I also am very dissapointed in the tax cuts being extended for the very rich.The law makers like the govenor of Wisconsin were not in favor of the rich paying their fair share ,not when its the folks like him who have to pay.I am sickened that elected officials don't pay into their own pension plans or health care.I don't believe that they even have to pay into Social Security.This country will only get better when the elitist rich start paying their fair share.The pain of this present economy is being borne by the poor and middle class.I see some of you whining about that poor kid got to go to school and it did not cost him a thing my parents had to pay for me.The stories are endless.,don't think for a moment that the wealthy don't have their own share of cheating on their taxes,and loop holes and getting something for nothing they get plenty.If its a poor person getting something for nothing he is called lazy and a thief the rich cheat on thier taxes ,exploit the poor and have many more ways of cheating than most poor ever dreamed of. Those who have hate to give any of it up for any reason.They elect those who will see to it that they don't have to ,that it is the middle class and the poor who will pay the higest debt for this country ,and the middle class will pay the highest,that is why the tax cuts were extended to those corporate big wigs who already have more tax loop holes than a crochet afghan.Now their tax bill is less ,the deficit grows,and less and less money goes into local and state coffers what do lawmakers do as loyal republicans we bust the unions and make the middle class workers pay the bill.I am not saying that the public union workers should avoid all pain .There is a right way and a wrong way if the state can't afford the employees salaries and benefits it re negotiates the contracts when they are due.What I will never understand is what is up with the folks who keep electing these guys.You elect George W Bush who runs this country into the ground for a war that should not have been ,the billions given to Halliburton were ok.Obama takes over the worst possible debt,and a failing economy ,which I feel our economy is at least better because of stimulus than if he had not spent the money to try to improve it .The screams from the Republicans still echo across this country as if our economy were Obamas fault.We bailed out our banks and our auto makers,yes we did At least the money did not get spent on bullets and dying bodies,the money did not go to line the pockets of Halliburton ,and his foreign connections .Then you the voters listen to the Rush Limbaughs and you buy into it again and elect the likes of your govenor , and first thing they do is keep the taxes low for the rich by extending tax breaks,which of course hurts local governments like Wisconsin,and hurts our nations deficit, then they want to try and fix the loses they aim at busting the unions for public employees and hurting the middle class.I am more amazed at the voters who neve seem to get the message.Just when the democrats get it somewhat cleaned up you go and elect a Republican,but guess who will get the blame in the long run for the new mess in Wisconsin ,there will be a spin put on all negative outcomes to make it look as if it is all Obamas doing.Thats ok our govenment is elected by the people unfortunatley it is the wealthy that pays for the election,and they like keeping their money,and mine .

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