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February 20, 2011


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Ty O'Mara

I don't like the the tone of this post. It sounds conciliatory, not like your most recent posts, when you were talking about how spiritual the protests were going. I blame, myself, I didn't do enough to help.

The question is: is there anything that can still be done to reverse this denoument? I don't want to believe it. I know that it is my fault and all the people like me who don't participate enough. Is there anything that still can be done. Just say it. I'll do it.


We should be thanking Gov Walker for showing us that bad gov policy resulting in public apathy and desparation can result in gov tyranny.

Peter Kubicki

The problem addressed by Soglin is caused by the fact that we are receiving federal dollars for public transportation. The solution? We should stop receiving this aid and pay for our own transportation.

What else angers me is that we are receiving $45m for buses when other cities should be receiving $45m for food, shelter, and clothing.

If Madison residents have as much brains and heart as they claim, they should demand that this money be returned to the federal government so it can give it to cities who actually need it.

Robbie Webber

@Peter Kubicki: If everyone paid for all their own transportation, then making transit rides paid for their transportation might work. But people that drive, and businesses that rely on trucking (and the people that rely on good trucked in from long distances) are getting the benefit of subsidized roads at a much higher rate than people that rely on walking, bicycling, and transit.

If you believe in "everyone pays their own way," then you would have to at least double the gas tax, as well as apply a vehicle miles traveled tax on drivers (for high mileage, electric, and natural gas vehicles that use little/no gas.) Most miles traveled are on local roads, and those are almost 100% paid for with local property taxes. Therefore, gas taxes and registration/licensing - aka user fees are not paying for any of that use.

Transit - both local and intercity - is far and away the most economically efficient way to move people, and rail is the most efficient way to move goods on land. Yet that is not the investment that this administration is making. The current budget bill is just another example of the Walker administration's disdain for anything that doesn't benefit their big donors - in this case the road builders.

Hieronymous Knickerbocker

Interesting post. When it comes to bullying the public transit workers, it appears that Dread Scott is, as they say in the fishing business, scrod.

Peter Kubicki

@ Robbi Webber

What I meant is that the city of Madison should pay for public transportation within the city. There are people in other cities, towns, and villages who have no need for public transportation within their area, do not benefit from our public transportation, yet are required to help pay for it. I do not believe that is ethical.

If Madison was responsible for its own public transportation, then we could have room to be creative about the most efficient ways of developing it. For example, many routes could have vans instead of buses, thereby cutting down on carbon emissions, and the city could also rent out bicycles for those who need to travel only a couple of miles.

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