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February 21, 2011


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We should also thank Sykes and Belling for showing us how desperate and apathetic people are so easily misled and thank them by wishing them an early voluntary retirement.

Ex-Alderman Steve

One of the reasons that the TP'ers are so apoplexic about these demonstrations is that it undercuts their claims to being the sole representives of "The People." To preserve their self-image of being the ONLY defenders everything that is good and decent in America, they have to demonize the folks--the nurses, firefighters, cops, schoolteachers, and a lot more private-sector/non-union folks than is generally reported--who have been turning out in great numbers in Madison.

The barking heads on cable-TV and the gasbags who inhabit the nether regions of shout radio will no doubt continue to call us names, but they've seen another authentic face of America and it scares them.

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