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February 24, 2011


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Tim M.

As one who has undergone FIVE kidney operations....the mere thought of a National Guard troop inserting a foley catheter makes me wince.

And I don't want an unelected political-patronage bureaucrat running ANY Medicaid-funded program in Wisconsin.


Belling and Sykes ard being defiant and my wufe said they can go screw themselfs.
She als said that an eight car pile up just missed me this morning.

We hope that AG VanHollen will recommend that Gov Walker take his victory and move on.

Steve Vokers

It's hard to know what to be the most outraged about when reviewing the so-called budget repair bill. But even though my wife and I are both state employees, the Medicaid provisions scare us the most because we have a daughter with severe developmental disability. I appreciated Paul's presence at the press event on Sunday to raise awareness about the Medicaid provisions, and I appreciate you mentioning it here on the blog.


NEVER piss off a nurse, I always say. (Nurse advocate here).

Good to see people are talking about ALL of the provisions of the "repair".


My granddaughter Tatum, was upset when we drove her grandmother, Ronnie, to the Wisconsin Capital.
Within the roar of the crowd, she heard lions.
I heard the lions, saw them too.. Walking proud and free, so out of place in the city.
We need lions and a cult of heroes. Just contemplate the success of the dark forces, the authoritarian leaders, the social 'fixers' who are willing to pay any price to maintain wealth and power.
WE have witnessed war for profit.
WE have witnessed torture.
WE have witnessed destruction of infrastructure.
WE have witnessed massive casualties from natural disaster.
WE are witnessing the taking of control away from a normal society.
WE must take that leap of self belief, we are lions, we are heroes we are (as John Nichols states) Wisconsinites’.
WE must believe ourselves capable of anything.
WE probably are!

Steve Rankin

Actually, that's my 14 year old daughter in the picture, not a nurse. I work at UW Hospital, and she knows what inserting a Foley catheter entails. You can't see it in the picture, but she wore my SEIU shirt to represent me while I was at work.

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