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February 26, 2011


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Baron Automatic

!00,000 people and no arrests. I don't think you can find that anywhere in America tonight. The absence of any kind of violence(and arrests)is a tribute to the resolve of this demonstration's statement. This has turned into a seige. Vicksburg, Petersburg, study your Civil War, because this is now a seige. Do not give ground. You are all right, in the sense that you are all correct in the direction that you want your government to proceed. Get out of the way, and let everyone get this place cleaned up. It will help us more than it will help the confederacy.

There is so much pride for The UW students of today who are so resolved and determined. We are so proud of you. You are our future but we are so glad that you are your future.

Ron Prince

Agree. Huge cheers for the UW students. They started this all with their Valentines Day deliveries. They, and the unions, have led the way. And thank God for the courage and wisdom of the Senate 14 and the tenacious Assembly 38. We have so much to be proud of.


Still you have to admit that the smell of tear gas adds an exclamation point to ones cause.


If law enforcement is with the protesters, who will win if this goes to Court?

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