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March 10, 2011


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From yesterdays piece "Selective informational picketing of a few Wisconsin companies that do business with the working people of our great state is what is required. It is a simple message, an eloquent message:

"You elected Scott Walker, you put him in office, you are responsible for the union busting. It is incumbent upon you to tell Walker to cease this destructive behavior and not to continue in your name.""

Paul eloquent messages can only be made by eloquent people. What this statement has done is nutured the idea to protestors that harrassing the working families of these companies is helping the cause.

Instead of a "class war" we now have "civil war" between members of the working class.

Ty O'Mara

Scott Walker was on Squawk Box this morning. I watched intently. He is either shameless or he believes he is right. 200,000 people at the Capitol will not deter him.

He is plotting his stategy as I type this. The fun part is over, but I would just guess that those people who are out collecting signatures will find how rewarding and gratifying it can be to be part of a movement that started in Madison, Wisconsin and followed through to an entire nation. Everybody's bummed, but not Walker, he is even working the blogs now. He was out bright and early this morning working on his "Scott Walker repair Bill."



Does a citizenry have the right to strike against the attack of an organized criminal syndicate?
What would be the characteristics of this syndicate?
Simply stated, these will include carrying out lawless and criminal activities in an organized manner though violence, threat or other means, with the aim of playing the tyrant in a locality, committing all sorts of crimes, bullying and harming the masses and doing what has seriously undermined the economic and social order.
In the Republic of China, Hong Kong, Capitalism, especially hierological driven, what we call Crony Capitalism had become so dark, that law enforcement requested its citizenry to strike out against the business and political cabals.
In the United States we have the RICO act.
As events have unfolded, a dark organized criminal syndicate, an alignment of cronies in business and government has formed.
Why don’t we use our ‘tools’.

Steve U

"As a shopper who pays money to businesses, I have a right to know how the profits from my purchases are used; especially if they destroying my community."

What would destroy a community is to turn it into a police state where every business owner would be forced to tell Mr. Soglin exactly what it was doing with its profits.

Instead, why don't you ask before you make a purchase whether the business owner is willing to share such personal information with its customers. If the answer is no, then do your shopping elsewhere.


We have the brightest young teacbers this nation has ever seen that are prepared to teach our future generations for the greatest challenges thix nation has ever seen. This budget battle must place value on the future as well as the present by giving these teachers the incentive they need to make ouf children and grandchildren successful.

Charlie UnSykes

Steve U: You don't have to ask a business owner how he spends his money, but campaign contributions are public information and can be looked up online.

Hieronymous Knickerbocker

Bob LaFollette use to say "It's people or money's gonna run this state."

We've lately seen what money buys us.

It is right and proper for folks like Paul Soglin to to be the thoughtful voice of reason. Heaven knows we need more of that.

It does not mean the rest of us need to play obsequious Mr. Nice Guy to the political thugs who have taken over the state Capitol.

The Republican crime wave sweeping Wisconsin and the nation must be resisted by any nonviolent means and at every turn. This is a fight we must win.

Business understands money a lot better than it does fairness and justice and public good. And money is its Achilles' heel.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant: Who gives to whom, and how much? Make yourself a list from the data at these sites ... and then act on it by spending your money elsewhere.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign |

And the rather more obtuse and opaque Wisconsin Campaign Finance Information System |


This is a time to bring out the best in people. I saw a lot of that at the Square on Saturday, March 12. The Fab 14 evoked a civil solidarity and are leading by example so far. A lot of rally signs referenced it. Simply civil behavior could be transforming, for starters. I see that a lot of public school teachers are pretty good at it.

Check out my blog posts that link to photo galleries from Saturday, March 12 rally:


I have been tracking events in Madison since the beginning thru blogs and a number of different sites. I have watched events in Madison for over 35 yrs. I was drawn to Madison because of ICC food coop and Whole Earth foods were there. I remember when Paul Soglin was mayor in Madison. I enjoy Paul's blog and would like to say that the disscussions here are more insightful and civil than what I have seen elsewhere. Thank You !!


Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD Policy)worked during the cold war with the Soviet Union but I doubt that it will work here. Here we are neighbors, friends, patients, clients, customers, retailers, wholesalers, professionals and so forth. To destroy one another is simply bad policy to get what we want.

What we need now to compete in the world is to move away from 20th Century tactics of strong arming one another to 21th Century tactics of working together to defeat the real opponents in this battle for survival of our State and our jobs.

Through the years, Unions have help people in this country in many ways to have a better life. Many people that never belonged to a union also benefited by their efforts. When I was young I complained to my boss about the cost of labor at the auto makers and he quickly shut me up by asking me why I thought I made as much as I did. He said Unions help everyone.

It is time for Unions to keep helping everyone but with a new cooperative approach with the State and business. I'm no expert in labor but it appears to me that Unions should have a lot to offer in ways of helping the State get its economic house in order.

Even if you are not a believer in Christian principals, I think you can agree with what Christ said that if you want to be great you must become servant to all. I encourage the Unions to do their part by working together with the business community and the State to put us in a position of having a prosperous economic future.



I'll keep posting this. Remember it is the year of the co-operative. Google Mondragon for video.
It would be thrilling, if our candidates would be willing, to broach the idea of co-operative business and finance. But it's all balloons, bicycle, and bullshit. We are surrounded by heroes these days but not at the mayoral level.

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