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March 30, 2011


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Ty O'Mara

If the man says he can do it, then he can do it. I'm sorry, I meant to say, if the man said we can do it, then we can do it. What's wrong with him as opposed with us. You want him, an eleted official, to solve all your problems. Keep dreaming America and Madison. Those times are all gone. We are in a new world now.

I know this man, I know what he thinks. He thinks he hasn't done enough unless every family in Madison has benefited from his term as mayor. He has nothing to lose and not much to gain, but he is in love with a city in the Midwewst. There cannot be a greater goal than to preserve the integrity and soveirnty of a great Midwest city. A town that is known as the nation's center free-thinking people.

I never met the man, but I know him.

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