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March 21, 2011


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Brian (neaguy)

Paul, one of the keys is to crush poverty because as you know it is severely impacting the school system.


I second (and third) that.
Keep the bus system going, too. Good transportation is a key to access to education and jobs. Don't cut back on the after 8 p.m routes, and please, if you're elected add a route from Midvale and University out to Verona so that West and South Siders can get to the Sequoya Library more easily. If you aren't elected, please advocate for it. I'm sure there are similar routes that need to be added in other parts of town that would serve public services and commercial interests alike.

Donald D. Studesville

While working for the Parks Division around 2007, I developed an employment policy that addressed the lack of diversity within the division and the City. This policy was presented by the DCR Director to the Common Council. Policy included a mandatory three person hiring council which should include a mix or ethnicities and genders. To date these 'suggestions' to improve diversity, have not been practiced or even considered.

Interview and hiring Policy was developed to assist all applicants of all colors, to have a chance of employment with the City. Diversity of the City of Madison employees does not reflect the population of Madison. While a direct percentage is not highly likely, a better representation is feasible. I have seen little or no action by the current City administration that addresses these descrepancies.

Hieronymous Knickerbocker

At the end of the wish list that would be presented to a new Soglin administration, anon paused for a spot of moderation by offering "If you aren't elected ..."

Queen Victoria interrupted, brusque and confident in her tone: "We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; they do not exist."

Ty O'Mara

Hieronymous, I love that kind of talk.

Judy Karofsky

And what did you do your second day in office?
Looking forward to the 2011-2015 list!

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