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March 09, 2011


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Tim M.

Should your suggestion actually come to fruition, with moderate Republicans (privately) urging Walker to listen, converse, and....perhaps even would give him (Walker) a chance to back away from his intransigent hard-line stance without the appearance of "caving in". He could say that in his discussions with party faithful, a new consensus was reached. That would allow him to display "leadership" qualities in forging a new outlook.

There's so much anger and hatred in this. I can't imagine either of the Fitzgeralds going along with this, but I think a concerted effort from their peers who don't take such a draconian stance might push this whole thing off dead center.

Excellent suggestion, Paul. I hope they're listening, but I'm afraid they're not.

Steve Vokers

I've heard that Tommy is saying in private that he is fed up with Walker. He needs to say that publicly.

Ex Alderman Steve

Other than Dale Schultz, do these fabled moderate Republicans even exist any more in significant numbers?

Assuming they do, one would have to assume that these moderate Republicans are capable of bucking the tide of their party establishment, which apparently is now top heavy with folks who prefer to wage political jihad instead of engaging in the give and take of practical politics.

I'd love to be proved wrong...

Hieronymous Knickerbocker

I hope those moderates (are they just stealthy or really imaginary? It's hard to tell from here), will summon the courage to act on the wisdom of these suggestions but, like commenter TimM, I'm not sanguine about the likelihood of that happening.

Mr. Walker hopes his stubbornness is being taken for steadfastness. It is not. It is being taken as evidence he isn't his own man, and that he fears the ultra-right, the bunch thrown in with, will dispose of him like a dead mouse if he wavers, let alone caves.

He could rehabilitate that shabby image by showing some statesmanship, but I don't think he's got it in him.

Baron Automatic

Since we all know that everyone gets everything they want in life, I think it is reasonable for state Republicans to stand steadfast behind the Governor. Just because the latest polls show that Wisconsinites heavily favor a rework of this social bill--it is not reason enough to back down now.

In my opinion, another week or two of stalemate will not be percieved by anyone as a silly political charade. No one in the state or nation is starting to see this as "a colossal waste of time" by a man in denial.

Governor Walker, stick to your guns, because the people don't really believe that a gradual and sustained effort to solve the state's financial problems is the answer. The people of Wisconsin are not tough enough to make that sustained effort, especially if they sense that all citizens and businesses in the state are willing to take on their fair share. Don't be concerned about defections to your cause, your supporters will not throw you under the train.

Your friend,
The Tooth Fairy

p.s. Even if things don't turn in your favor right away, it should be
much easier for you to compromise a couple weeks from now.

Cody Larson

Hi Paul. I met tonight at the Capitol and asked you the question about the passage tonight of the collective bargaining portion of the bill and if there was a way to ignore or circumvent this bill at the mayoral or local level. I will be working as a volunteer for your election campaign. I have also sent you a "friend" request on Facebook under the profile Cml Home. I have a large Page with a lot of very active people that can mobilize quickly. It seems we also share 18 mutual friends. I hope to share some ideas and provide some politically active spirit and legwork in your upcoming campaign.

Facebook = Cml Home

Jay Gold

"Moderate Wisconsin Republicans" is an oxymoron. After yesterday's disgraceful performance by the GOP majority, any Wisconsinite who identifies him/herself as a Republican is ipso facto endorsing these extreme antidemocratic moves. It is futile to try to reason with such people.


I think I am one of the last of the moderate Republicans in the state, and - yes I gave up Walker once he went after collective bargaining. If he wanted to balance the budget so badly why not something simple like raise the state sales tax 0.25% so it affected everyone - including out of towners and his beloved businesses?


I was one of the last moderate Republicans in the state, but your behavior has moved me completely to the RIGHT! Are you still smoking POT Pauli boy? You must be to insult local business! Remember that these PRIVATE companies pay for the PUBLIC sector!? Not smart enough to know that Pauli boy? SHAME ON YOU! We will unite against Madison… just keep it up PB!

Steve Decker

Hahaha, you said 'moderate'... like there really any left out there!

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