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April 07, 2011


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The election results are in for our city and state, my premise is that a new age of heroism is begun. We have begun to swing our collective fists against supplication and accommodation.
As Clarence Kaitlin was so fond of saying,” We have a lot of work to do.”
As we tilt from crisis to crisis, fighting against the bullies, cronies and moral trolls that the elites rank against us, we will need good corner men. Men like Paul Soglin, John Nichols, The Fourteen, and all those activists that rose up in the vicious battle against corporate sponsored astroturfers.
This is just the beginning.
The first great battle.
Clarence Kaitlin knew there was no end to this fight, no line these people will not cross.
Lock and load Wisconsin.

Wendy Schneider

Your "nearly every Madisonian" quote is far off, Barry -

I'm looking forward to engaging with Soglin - as I did not vote for him.... nor Dave. Both candidates did nothing so impress me (or many of my friends... most of us activists and well connected in our communities).

How many town halls will the mayor be scheduling?
Whose voices will he be seeking to hear - and how will he go about soliciting them?
How will he engage all of us?
Does he have the balls to move this city forward? If so - what will it look like?
Does he want to recall politicians? Which ones? Are they all republicans??

Those of us who consciously chose NOT TO VOTE FOR MAYOR - in turn, cast our vote. Soglin should hear that call and respond.

Jack Kennedy

Many congrats Mayor Soglin!!
Your proven leadership is just what this community needs in the face of the challenges posed by the Fitzwalker administration. Madison is losing at least $250,000,000.00 to the gov's so called "budget repair" , and at a time when many of us need jobs, the market is shrinking instead of expanding.
There are many of us who voted for you because we believe you will address this issue and help us find meaningful employment.

Judy Warren

Congratulations! I am so thrilled for US! I want to tell you that I am a 56 year old female that has had a stroke (right side affected). I have hours of time on my hands. I am capable of doing mailings, making phone calls or anything that would help. Just say the word! Congrats man, this is awesome. Judy Warren at 608 846-2408


This is the viable industrial cooperative we, in the city, should be investing in with city resources. Teamed with the biodigester technology for power, it would be a win-win.

Annie K

I am very concerned Mr. Mayor about your recent comments about putting the new Central Library plans on hold. Are you aware of the current condition of the building and the costs necessary to repair the roof, replace the HVAC system and fix the elevators just to keep the current building open? The library has done good faith fundraising for building and renovation of several branches over the years. I understand your need to be seen as fiscally responsible. But to stop the current plans seems foolhardy at best. Please reconsider your stance on this issue of importance to all Madisonians.

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