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October 11, 2011


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This is not the way things happen, life follows art!! Philosophically. Artists have had the vision to stimulate representation of beauty, truth and good. And we mimic (Mimesis) through the child-eyes of the artist the presentation of the self. The people are doomed to become what they mimic. Shall we become poets or budgets?
‘Sons of Whitman sons of Poe
Sons of Lorca &Rimbaud
or their dark daughters
poets of another breath
poets of another vision
Who among you still speaks of
Who among you still unscrews
the locks from the doors
in this revisionist decade?’
We are doomed unless a miracle of good fortune intervenes.
Populist Manifesto #2
Tepotzlan-San Francisco


The police, firefighters and represented city employees have my respect and thanks. Thanks for sacrificing on behalf of our city. Thanks for showing others how to do their part. Thanks for believing in Madison.

I hope the city will treat its employees with as much respect and generosity as possible. Relationships take a long while to build and very little effort to destroy. The relationship between management and workers is very important and good relations will benefit our city.

Joe koberstein

I think its interesting that you blame Walker's policies for today's problems. Wasn't it really the over spending in the Thompson and Doyle administrations that caused Walker's policies? Oh and the cities had a lot to do with it too. We went through a national crisis of too much spending both from govts and individuals and now were are paying for it. That's as it should be.


Their should be some cuts in this city. When I first moved here 3 years ago. I watched the city workers plant a tree 2 to dig the whole, 8 city workers to plant 1 tree, 1 to hold the tree straight and 2 to shovel the dirt back in and 5 to supervise ( standing there leaning on a shovel) that took over 1 hour and they all came in 3 trucks now that is a waste. Job security. This fire department can save a lot of money also. Why do you need to go grocery shopping with the ladder truck and why does the ladder truck need to go out every time the ambulance goes out, I can see in an accident but not to residential calls. That ladder truck uses a lot of fuel, plus all the maintenance to keep the truck up. The city police department that is a whole different story there should be some more cuts there also. The police department should learn to work for a living and not sit on there butts. Get out there and stop the crime before it happens.


You tell me that you observed men planting a tree for over an hour, and then offer to comment on productivity?
You’re a laugh riot!! Please keep posting. See you at the comedy club.

Dan Sebald


Cities are the least responsible for any financial crisis. Cities tend to operate on marginal budgets, meaning they spend about as much as they take in. Cities don't attempt to make profits.

To say that a government overspends means that it takes on a lot of debt, which if is too great will be reflected in a poor bond rating. It's the federal government and the ballooning debt where overspending is, and S&P downgrading was justified in that case and welcome in my opinion.

As for individual debt. There you are spot on.

I would point out that Gov. Walker doesn't appear to be that much more frugal than predecessors. He's just reapportioning. And no matter whose to blame for financial crisis, I still argue it is unkind to just pull shared revenue out of the blue. Had the governor proposed a gradual tendency toward self-sufficiency, stating that by 2015 all state grants would be eliminated, that would be preferred.


"The Overture Center can find private sources of funding. The City of Madison however, cannot find private sources to fund the Police, Fire, and Health Departments or to keep the streets plowed."

Sincere thanks. This is what Mayor Dave could never say or do and it is what formed the margin for his defeat last spring. Please keep up the good work.

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